Created to provide
relief to YOUR eyes.

The world is becoming more and more visually demanding each day. We spend more time staring at screens, working in the poorly lit conditions, and receiving increased exposure to harmful compounds in our environment.

EyeCare Complete helps alleviate the stress caused by these factors by providing eyecare solutions designed specifically with these challenges in mind.

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Our Secret Formula? Physicians, Scientists, Engineers, Researchers, Manufacturers—All with the same goal.

We are a group of dedicated industry experts who are passionate about overall health and wellness. In particular, we have a strong interest in eye and vision health, and want to help people see as much of this beautiful world as they can. We have great pride and belief in the products we’ve created, and the results they provide to you.

Khizer khaderi Co-Founder and Chairman

Khizer Khaderi, MD, MPH

Avais Ahmed Co-Founder and CFO

Avais Ahmed

Kenn Israel Science & Manufacturing Advisor

Kenn Israel

“Our mission is to provide the most cutting edge resources, ingredients, and formulations, based on the most recent and relevant scientific research. Trust your eyes to the experts at EyeCare Complete.